Diane (Dee) Corbin

Board Member / ADS Activates
She/ Her

Values: Bringing hope and belonging.
Goals: To welcome you to the Ness Club with a smile.

Diane was born and raised in Portland Oregon of over 50 years.

When the thought of getting away from the big city of Portland, Lincoln City said it’s ADA compliant and if I can get around town what do I have to loose. Shortly after moving here to Lincoln City I learned about North End Senior Solutions (NESS)

Diane knew this was a place for her. Meeting many of the participants who are seniors with a few whom are disabled, with a Diane already an older participant of the Ness Club,  Diane choose to go by her nickname and change her name from  Diane to Dee. Diane knew right then she could become a great part of this Nonprofit.

The sense of family and the activities were of such that everyone is invited to join. The days are structured to engage participants as a group consisting of Staff, Volunteers and Participants.

The Ness Club has changed my life allowing me a safe place to go, getting me out of the house and meeting some wonderful people whom are like my family while being a part of my community.

Diane joined NESS in 2016.

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